Current Teaching

  • Present2019

    CON 367 - Construction Contracts / Project Administration

    Colorado State University (3 Credits) - Construction contracts and clauses, stakeholder responsibilities, disputes, resolution methods and risk. Utilization of construction administration documents, systems and procedures to meet project requirements.

Teaching History

  • 20192018

    CON 131 - Graphic Communications for Construction

    Colorado State University (2 Credits) - Reading technical drawings, 2D/3D visualization, manual drafting techniques, introduction to design software applications.

  • 20162016

    AREN 4506 - Preconstruction Estimating and Scheduling

    University of Colorado Boulder (3 Credits) - Provides an overview of pre-construction scheduling and estimating for construction and engineering projects. Students will be introduced to project management methods with an emphasis on the techniques used to plan, estimate and schedule the project. Students will apply lecture and reading material to textbook and provided problems, use computer programs, including P6 and RS Means, and schedule and estimate a project.

  • 20162015

    AREN 4317 - Architectural Engineering Design

    University of Colorado Boulder (5 Credits) - Provides a capstone experience to AREN students. Students design a modest commercial building and complete an integrated engineering design of the building systems executed for the conceptual, schematic, and design development phases. Students' teams work on structural, mechanical, electrical/lighting, and construction engineering management design. Each stage produce a professional-quality design document. Faculty and industry mentors participate in the teaching and evaluation of designs.